All of my posts have a brief summary of something current in my life... a funny story, a workout, etc. These are some of my longer posts and a few with no recipe at all. :) 

Lessons from a 5-year Old

An Open Letter to my Fellow CrossFit Moms

One Hour at a Time- in the gym!

Taking Baby Steps Healing

Moving On from Losing a Child- 1 Week Later

The Loss of Baby #2

Pregnancy is Truly Humbling

"Me" Time

The CrossFit Girl Friends

My Thoughts on Getting Your Body Back After Baby

Break-Ups and Starting Over (again)

The Open 15.5

The Open 15.3

The Open 15.2

The Open 15.1

There's Nothing Wrong with not Being a "Pinterest Mom"

Am I Missing the "Mom Gene"?

CrossFit and Me

CrossFit Open 2014

Finally on the Podium 

From Vegan to Paleo


  1. I found your blog on Top Mommy Blogs, and I love it (even though I'm a dad :) It's full of practical advice and really helpful hints!

    I'm a father of four, my wife is a lactation consultant, and we recently wrote a parenting book ourselves. We hope it has some humble suggestions you could use on your awesome blog.

    The eBook is free on Amazon from 11/26 to 11/28 by searching: "How to Raise Great Kids - 101 Fun & Easy Ideas" or we'd be happy to send you a free paperback copy if you send us your address.

    We admire your work very much, and we hope you'll appreciate ours here soon, too. Thanks and keep up all your outstanding efforts!

    Hope you had a great Turkey Day!!!

    1. Thank you! Sorry I must have missed this in the chaos of the holidays! I would love to read your book. My email is, if we can get into contact there I can give you my address so it isn't posted publicly :)