Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From vegan to paleo

How does someone go from vegan to paleo? They seem like completely different lifestyle choices. Here's the short version:
At some point in college I had this ridiculous love for animals and that mixed with one to many science classes made me unable to "disconnect" from my food. When I saw steak I saw striated muscle, when I saw chicken I saw tendons....ew! I stopped eating meat. Fast-forward five years and I decided to become vegan... It seemed like a healthy option and cheese is terrible for you. Vegan lasted until my pregnancy. My pregnancy was less than ideal.... I threw up all day every day for 5 months and was hospitalized a few times. At that point I decided I needed to eat whatever sounded appealing which meant vegan was over, back to vegetarian. Fast forward another year and I found myself in the middle of a divorce and becoming a single mom, living "alone" for the first time, and in need of an outlet. CrossFit became my outlet... As the weights went up and the training  more intense, I was craving meat. Almost 7 years after becoming a vegetarian I ate cheap Chinese food... yep, that was my first meal. Since that day I haven't looked back or felt better. I have become obsessed with paleo cooking and a clean lifestyle. I am 100% paleo about 90% of the time. The recipes are mine that have been adjusted from non paleo recipes or ones that called for too many steps and ingredients. I read cook books and recipes for fun :) With all the new changes in my life It seems like a good time to start sharing my recipes and stories- I need to cook with products not hard to find or expensive and meals must be relatively quick... So here we go....

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