Monday, January 13, 2014

Finally on the Podium

I have been crossfitting a little over a year.... This summer when times got tough in my life (ie: divorce) I turned to something I could focus on to make myself feel better. I moved into a house with my daughter in a new city and joined a new box... Fresh start! I did my first individual completion about a month ago and completed my second this past weekend. Olympic lifting is not my strong suit and this competition was heavily lifting based.... I went into it thinking I would try my best and if anything gain some valuable experience.
After the first wod I was in dead last in my weight class... Boo! I texted my twin who reminded me that Froning did not have a very good first WOD at the games in 2013 and came back to win it, so keep my head up and go after the next workout.
Second WOD- came in first... Enough said :) I also almost threw up in my mouth twice. This jumped me to 4th place overall.
Third WOD- killed the first half, second half... Hang snatch 3RM... Failed the 3rd attempt THREE times!! I did the weight a total of 6 times but couldn't get that third rep every time... Grrrr! Took 3rd.
Fourth WOD- took 3rd... At this point I didn't know my overall standings and was gearing up to go home and eat some pizza... Nope!
Made it to the finals (3rd place) which meant another WOD: clean and jerk/rope climb ladder.... 5 climbs, 5 C&J - 4 climbs, 4 C&J... Etc. The girl in the lead was untouchable- she was good. The girl in second literally couldn't climb the rope!! Again, channeling Froning in his first games. I made it through the third round when time was called. Even though the girl in 2nd place literally didn't climb the rope or do any C&J I took 3rd overall based on points... Boo! 
I can't be mad... I have proven to myself that I can do it, and learned there will be always parts of every competition I wish I could do over... Good lesson learned. I want my daughter to be proud of her mom and crossfit is giving me that confidence... Among a new "family" and many other things. 
Thought at the end of this: I wouldn't be close to where I am without my mom, dad and sister helping me out. It seriously does take a village! 

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