Monday, March 10, 2014

CrossFit Open

The biggest deal in CrossFit has once again made its yearly appearance! It is the 3rd week of the open and everyone participating around the world is probably wondering what sadistic workout is being planned for us next. If you are not familiar with the Reebok CrossFit games they are basically the World Series of CrossFit. For 5 weeks people in regions around the world compete in workouts that are publically announced Thursday nights and must be completed by Monday at 8pm. They can be done more than once. Scores are submitted and approved by certified judges and coaches and top athletes must now be video taped to make sure they are meeting standards.
I did the open for the first time last year.... barely a few months into my CrossFit lifestyle. I think that everyone should participate because it is a good way to see where you stand and how much you have improved from year to year. This year I am doing exponentially better than last year and am already thinking about next year. Friday nights at Maven there's so much excitement you can feel it in the air-- amazing.
If you havent checked it out you should go to the Reebok CrossFit Games website and just look at the workouts and videos... so inspirational. It reminds me what I heard my new coach say to someone this weekend thinking about joining the box... "CrossFit is the most fun you will even have working out." and it is so true. Why do you think everyone talks about it so much? They LOVE it.

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