Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favorite Non-Paleo but Healthy Go-To Snacks

Being completely paleo is hard. It is also not always practical. I think that if you are going to go Paleo you need to go cold turkey on bad foods and be strict for 30 days. It will not be pleasant at first but you will get used to the lack of bread, sugar, chips, etc. and if you start sneaking in non-paleo foods right away I feel like you are more likely to fail overall. I have adopted it as a lifestyle choice... I hate the word "diet" because although it actually means the kinds of food you eat by definition, people associate it incorrectly with losing weight, cutting calories, etc.... and I am not doing it for any of those reasons. I am trying to make my body feel better inside and out. When I deviate from my normal food regime I try to still stick with gluten free because I think gluten is the culprit in making me feel sluggish and bloated. The list is the following "snack" items I eat that are not paleo but I think of as guilt-free and they are honestly what keep me from reaching over and grabbing Charlie's goldfish crackers.

My Top 3 Go-To Non-Paleo Snack Choices

1. Cape Cod Trail Mix from Whole Foods

It has almonds, cashews and cranberries... but they are roasted with a non-paleo oil... seriously oh well! Sometime I need a pre-made, easy-to-grab snack when I am on the go. Choose your battles people!

2. Air-popped Popcorn

I bought my popper for less than $20 in college and still use it almost every Sunday night for popcorn and a disney movie with Charlie. I use either real butter or coconut oil and salt. I am now into adding a sprinkling of stevia to make it like kettlecorn... sweet and salty yum!

3. Hummus and.... ????

My go-to with hummus is cucumber. Charlie eats them so a lot of times I already have one out, plut they give me a crunch I find to be missing a lot. I also dip carrots (raw), broccoli (raw), or blanched green beans. I'm sorry but I freakin' love hummus... not so much the gas it sometimes gives though  :-) I buy mine, I have tried making it and it is not the same and I honestly don't have the time. Check the ingredients... there shouldn't be many and nothing you can't identify- tahini is a sesame seed past by the way... but you knew that. ;-)

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