Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Brunch: Eggs in a Sweet Potato Basket

Last year for Easter I made brunch for my in-laws. Since it is a holiday I suppose making something better than a typical eggs, bacon, fruit is in order because it is a holiday even though it is just me this year. Anyway, I made eggs in a basket using Russet potatoes and thought that a paleo version would be fitting this year. To test them I made several batches and have been re-heating and eating two with some avocado in the morning for breakfast. Which got me to thinking... what a great thing to make on the weekend (yes, I know a little time consuming) and grab and go on the way to work! I used spinach in mine, but bell peppers, broccoli, or any other typical put-in-eggs vegetable would work... maybe even crispy bacon??? I am warning you right now these take time, but I can always find something else to do, clean, cook, etc. while I am making them :)

Eggs in a Sweet Potato Basket 

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makes 12 baskets

- 2 large sweet potatoes
- 8 eggs
- 1 cup of baby spinach, chopped
- 2 Tblsp Coconut Oil (or butter) melted
- 2 tsp paprika (opitonal)
- Salt and Pepper

1. Poke a few holes in the sweet potatoes and bake them at 400 degrees for 25-35 minutes. You don't want them fully cooked, just "started". 
-- Increase Oven Temp to 450 --
2. Let the the potatoes cool completely, then peel and grate them on the thickest grater. If they are still firm in the middle thats completely ok. Toss the grated potatoes with the oil, paprika, and sprinkle with salt and pepper- I go heavier on the salt. If your potatoes are "wet" use paper towel and press them to absorb excess water so your "baskets" don't turn out mushy. 
2. Press the potatoes into a muffin pan- they will shrink when you bake them so make them as tall as you can. 
3. Bake at 450 degrees for 20-25 minutes... keep an eye on them so they are crispy but not burning.
-- Lower Temp back to 400 degrees
4. While the baskets cool, scramble the eggs and spinach together. Pour an even amount of the egg mixture in the baskets and put them back in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the eggs are set. If you would like to have runny yolks, put a whole egg in each basket and bake for 15 minutes. 

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