Friday, August 29, 2014

Corned Beef Sweet Potato Hash

It is with such enthusiasm I have purchased and put together (by myself) the begins of a garage gym. I have wanted one for a while because some days I don't have time to do all the programming or get into the box at all. I realize that's reality for most people but since working out is my biggest stress reliever and confidence builder I am not giving it up the majority of my days without a fight. Can't get better if you don't train and I'm not done getting better. Charlie helped me put it together and put all the screws in every hole on the rack- it was cute... But she was more excited when the rings went up- they're her favorite and the first thing she runs to in the box.

 With the school year starting next week I have decided to mix up my typical breakfast. I usually make a big pan of hash (sweet potato, sausage, bacon) on Sundays and then microwave it in the morning before work, cook an egg and eat that with some avocado to get the fat-protein-carb combo going.
Since it is a new year why not try something new? When I was vegetarian I always salivated at ruben sandwiches and corned beef hash so now that I can eat a ruben like it's my job I decided to take on corned beef hash. The first time I made it I bought the corned beef... then after someone at the box posted a sandwich with homemade corned beef that same day I decided to not be lame and to make it myself too.

You can do this one of two ways... one, buy a brisket and let it sit in a brine for 24hour to 4 days and then cook the beef... or two, buy corned beef already brined and cook it. I did the lather because I didn't want to wait. I found my corned beef at Whole Foods and cooked it 30 min per pound in water, in my dutch oven. I then sliced and cubed it for the hash. Charlie LOVED the corned beef... when I was cubing it she was eating it almost as fast... it is definitely going on my menu of things to have on hand.

Corned Beef Sweet Potato Hash

- 1-2 lbs Corned Beef (I go heavy on this)
- 1 Sweet Potato, peeled and small dice
- 1/2 Sweet Onion, small dice
- Salt
- Pepper

1. Saute the onion and potato in a little bit of oil or grass-fed butter over medium high heat until potatoes are almost fork tender (7-10min)

2. Add the corned beef and saute a few more minutes until some pieces are getting crispy. Taste for salt and pepper. Corned beef is salty so you might not want to add salt.
3. Serve with a poached or fried egg...yum!

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