Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Purple Smoothie

I think I may finally be an adult again. I have a car, a house, a job, and a baby and they are all mine. I have been borrowing one of my parents' cars since the divorce while I was trying to get on my feet and a few days ago while I was driving the tire..excuse me... wheel ....literally broke off... I am not talking like the rubber tire, I mean literally the whole wheel bent under the car and the car fell onto its frame. I am sooooo incredibly thankful that Charlie was not in the car and I was not on the highway. Broken ball joints and axles... ugh. Since my parents are out of town I called the man I was supposed to be going on a date with that night to see if he would rescue me instead (Thanks Rudy!) Damsel in distress is usually not my thing but I had no choice. :) So to make things worse when I went to go pick the car the other car I borrowed wouldn't start because the battery was dead because I accidentally left the lights on... I seriously give up. I am now afraid to drive and went the very next day to get my own car. I am on a pretty tight budget, but ended up getting a Honda CRV... it is a small SUV within my price range so I am happy. What does one do when they get a car of their own? They mark it with their box.

It seems every time I go onto social media or watch the news people are talking about "juice diets" and "detoxing" and things of that nature. Now I am all about doing what you think is best for you, but instead of cramming your body full of sugar, liquids, and sitting on the toilet for a few days wouldn't it just be better for you to not put nasty shit in your body in the first place? I know we all have our days (weeks, months) but to get back on track I would just try to be strict with what I eat again...but that's me and you're you so whatever. :) I suppose this smoothie could be called a "detox" smoothie because it contains healthy fats, veggies, and fruit, but I am just going to call it a purple smoothie because that's what color it is... well kind of mauve but you get the idea. I gave Charlie some too because she is all about the smoothie.

PS- my new favorite non-alcholic drink is Berry La Croix and POM juice.

The Purple Smoothie 

- 1 Banana, frozen preferably (anytime a banana ripens beyond normal eating I throw it in the freezer)
- 1-2 Cups Baby Spinach (large handful)
- 1/2 Avocado
- 1/2 Cup Raw Milk (or any milk or water)
- 1/4 Cup Blueberries (about a handful)
- 1 lime, zest and juice

1. Put all ingredients in a high powered blender and blend until smooth, scraping sides as needed. It helps if you cut the banana into large pieces. Taste... add more juice once it is blended if you try it and think it needs more. The lime gives it such a better flavor.

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