Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cold "Noodle" Salad

I worked out with two of my favorite people last night- Kelly and Tim. They are married and left our previous box just after I did and have been at Maven since then. It's been nice to get to workout with them again since I am now there too. :) Kelly and I had dinner Friday night and since going out to eat at all, let alone without a child rarely happens it was a nice treat. I ate a burger without a bun, a cup of bacon (yes, it's an appetizer), my fries, half of Kelly's fries, and most of a brownie banana split. To say that it was a cheat meal would be an understatement! Oh well... you don't gain weight in one day or one meal, just like you don't lose weight or get healthy in one day.
I am so proud of Kelly- she just started doing pull-ups without a band about a month ago after over a year of working on them. While that may not impress some of you, working hard to achieve a goal that at times seemed unobtainable is something to be commended no matter what that goal is. Some movements will come easier for others and we need to remember that someone's achievement, no matter if it's something you can easily do, deserves recognition whether it be a pull-up or a muscle-up. She is already stringing them together and last night was stringing toes-to-bar together as well. Lats are getting strong girl! 
Since summer is finally starting to arrive in Michigan I decided to try my hand at a cold "noodle" salad. I used zucchini as my noodles... since they hold a lot of water please don't skip the step of letting them drain! It will make your salad too liquidy if you don't. I mixed the sauce in the container I was going to store it in, added the veggies, shook it, and left it over night... done! I added chicken to mine just for some protein but this could easily be a side dish to a burger or taken to a pot luck this summer!

 Cold Zucchini "Noodle" Salad

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- 2 Large zucchini, spiralized or grated
- 2 Large carrots, peeled and grated
- 2 Green Onions, diced
- 1 tsp. Red pepper flakes (more or less depending on your heat preference)
- 2-3 Tbsp Lime juice (1 lime- or vinegar if you have no limes)
- 1 Tbsp Sesame Seed Oil
- 2 Tbsp Honey
- 2 Tbsp Coconut Aminos or gluten free soy sauce
- 2 tsp Fish Sauce
- 1 tsp. Grated Ginger
- 1 Garlic clove, minced 

1. After sprializing the zucchini, lay it on paper towel and sprinkle it with salt. Let it sit at least a half hour. 
2. Whisk Red pepper flakes through garlic in a bowl. Toss in the veggies, mix really well and let it sit 5 hours or more... I did mine over night. Mix again- there will be a lot more liquid after it sits so don't worry if the sauce doesn't look like enough.

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