Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mason Jar Eggs

It's here!! The CrossFit Open starts next week!! Although I am not feeling as ready as I would like... I wish I were going into this a bit stronger, it is always fun to see how far you have come. I was thinking back to my first open two years ago when I had 7 minutes left in the workout to do a 75# snatch- I couldn't. I literally tried for 7 minutes and couldn't. Although that is still not one of my strongest lifts, just the other day I did 30 snatches at 95# as part of a workout. When I am feeling blah and unmotivated I try to remember how far I have come and where I want to be. That being said I want to do my best this year and I think I am going to try to be as undistracted as possible the next few weeks. To be honest I don't go out a lot anyway, a far cry from my former self, and if I am out on a Saturday night I will be thinking about having to go to bed because I plan on doing the workouts for the second time on Sundays... I am just not in the mood....I'm giving it hell this year. :) Woohoo!! Please let me do a muscle-up in this year's open... last year I could do them but didn't make it there in the workout... grrrr!! 

This is me when I first started CrossFit, the middle is after I had been doing CrossFit a few months, and the last picture is when I changed my diet from vegetarian to Paleo... just like my lifts it's important to look back on where I have come from and keep in mind feeding my body what it needs is equally as important as the exercise... I ironically struggle with this- I tend to take my workouts seriously but don't always take my eating seriously and make sure I am eating enough.... probably not going to see my lifts go up until that part is fixed! So that's where this meal idea came from. That and my friend Kelly saying she microwaves eggs at work with my breakfast hash! Brilliant! 

Breakfast on the go- sometimes it has to happen and since eating enough is sometimes a problem I have, especially when busy, I need to have ways to get some protein in even when I rush out of the house. I head to work really early and sometimes I don't want to eat as soon as I wake up- since all I have at work is a microwave this is ideal-- I can throw everything in the jar, put a lid on it and cook it when I get there--- without the lid!!! It's metal. I always chop and cook a pound of bacon as part of my weekend meal prep. I use it wh
en I cook eggs in to the morning at home, throw it on a salad, etc. and it is perfect for this. I am definiely using vegetables like broccoli or spinach next time too. 

Mason Jar Eggs

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-  two eggs
 - cooked bacon, finely chopped
- salt and pepper
- Vegetables, finely chopped

1. In a mason jar- use one bigger than a jelly jar- put in all of the ingredients, close the lid. 

2. When you get to work, or after the gym, shake everything. 

3. Remove the lid and microwave 1-2 minutes. It'll puff up while cooking so stir at the 30 second mark. I topped mine with hot sauce and avocado.

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