Friday, February 6, 2015

Broccoli and Bacon Stuffed Potatoes- and what's with your blog name??

So here's the deal with the name of my blog... most people who do CrossFit understand what "Rx" means, but for those that don't, I am not referring to a prescription nor do I consider myself medicine of any kind- I actually very rarely even take medicine. :) “As Prescribed” or “Rx” for those unfamiliar with CrossFit, is something that most CrossFitters strive for. It is always exciting to put that "Rx" after your name on the score board. What do the two letters really mean?

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, says it best, "In the eyes of a coach, “Rx” means the athlete held themselves to the highest standard in weight, reps and skill. For example, “Fran” requires the athlete to perform 21-15-9 repetitions of thrusters at 95 pounds for the guys and 65 pounds for the ladies and pull-ups. In order to have “Rx’d” “Fran” (yes, there are a lot of quotes here), an athlete must have used the weight posted, performed the required number of reps in the order listed and also, and here comes the integrity part, done each rep to the required movement standards.The “Rx” is one of the things that most all Crossfitter’s strive for. So being that this is of importance for the competitive spirits out there, there is a high standard to follow. Just because you went “Rx” on a weight does not mean that you get to put “Rx” by your name."

My play on words with the concept of doing something "as prescribed" is that I am striving to do everything to the best of my ability as a mom and hold myself to the highest standards of what I think it takes to be a good mom. It is not always obtainable, but neither is a prescribed CrossFit workout for me... it's just a goal to shoot for. Just because I can do some movements and weights "prescribed" doesn't mean I can do all of them- and such is life being a mom.... every day is a new challenge and every situation I am in with her is a new "workout" so to speak that I work towards being good at. Once you are doing a workout prescribed it doesn't mean that you are done... you are still trying to be better than you were the last time... you never stop trying to be the best athlete you can be and you never stop trying to be the best parent.

I made this "recipe" if you want to call it that a while ago but never posted it until I made it again. The idea came from my Twice -Baked Sweet Potatoes. So here's the situation... I have run out of food and I desperately need to get to a store. I apologize for the pictures being dark, I was cooking at night which is what often happens when you run out of food and need to pack a lunch after your kids have gone to bed. I made this for dinner tonight and for lunch the next day because bacon, broccoli and potatoes... meat, vegetables, starch... good to go. It also doesn't take very long and requires three ingredients- I put the potatoes in the oven to cook while Charlie had her bath and I got her into bed- then the actual cooking took about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. If you have spinach, I would add that :) And guess what?! Whole30 approved!

Broccoli and Bacon Stuffed Potatoes

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- 2 Sweet Potatoes, baked and cut in half (Pierce with a knife, bake at 400 degrees for 40min-1hr)
- 4 Broccoli Crowns, about a pound, finely chopped
- 6 Pieces of Bacon (1/2lb) cut into 1/2 inch pieces

1. In a skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until crispy. Chop the broccoli while deliciousness this is happening. 

2. Add the broccoli to the bacon and saute until bright green- about 5-10 minutes- taste here for salt and pepper. 

3.  Top each half of the potato with the broccoli and bacon mixture. Viola! Dinner. :)

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