Monday, January 19, 2015

Lemon- Coconut Pudding

I just competed on one of the THREE teams our box had competing at Battle of the Boxes. Previous places I have gone to limit it to one team and there are try-outs. I am so glad mine doesn't do that because we had a lot of fun and placed anywhere from 4th-23rd in the events. With the 30+ teams we finished 15th overall which is not too shabby. Team competitions are just a lot of fun and isn't that the point? If you aren't having fun then you are doing it wrong! I also hit a personal best squat clean and that's never a bad thing! Then that night I got sick... very sick. Charlotte was throwing up Thursday night and there is not much more of a helpless feeling then watching your poor child be sick. She was throwing up literally while asleep and all I could do was sleep in her room, reassure her she as ok, and wash sheets a million times. I honestly thought I had avoided the fate of this stomach bug but nope! It hits hard and is over fast- about 15 hours- I am still not feeling right but I think it is more an issue of dehydration and hunger at this point. Other casualties of this included my sister, who watched her Friday for me, and our babysitter. Not a fun way to end such a fun day!

My mom traded me some lemons and limes for avocados so I had a lot to use up. I have never been a fan of sweet desserts and tend to gravitate towards the key-lime pie and lemon-graham cracker crusted ones... so this is my take on those! The smoother the curd, the smoother the end result. If you cant find coconut cream, let a can of full-fat coconut milk sit and, without shaking it, open it, the top will be solid with the milk below, that top area is just like coconut cream. It's so flavorful I only need to eat a small amount so this made 4 servings for me. 

Lemon- Coconut pudding

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- 1 Lemon, juiced and zested
- 1 Lime, juiced and zested
- 3 Tbsp Raw Honey
- 3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Cup Coconut Cream 

1. In a sauce pan, Whisk the eggs, zest and honey together until smooth. Set over medium heat and add the oil and juice (about 1/4-1/3 juice total.) Whisk occasionally until small bubbles form at the top and it starts to thicken. 

2. Take off the heat. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. 

3. Add the coconut cream and whisk until smooth, pour it into airtight containers (I used jelly jars) and chill in the fridge at least 30 minutes- it will thicken a little more. Stir before serving. I topped mine with unsweetened coconut flakes and a little more zest. Enjoy!!!

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