Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quickest ever go-to lunch dinner... The unwich!

As a working mom (or any mom!) sometimes at the end of the day when dinner is on the table for the kids... Or kid in my case... I am left looking around the kitchen for something that I can eat within the parameters of my  lifestyle that's stupidly fast. Sometimes you just don't like what you already have in the fridge, ya know? I personally get sick of my food by the end of the week because since it is only Charlie and me we eat the same things all week- well more me than her :) so anyway I thought I would share my easiest, quickest, meal that seems to be what I turn to when I honestly just want to sit down and eat with my baby after working all day. Sometimes I have some soup with it... the roasted red pepper kind from the box. :) 

The Unwich 

- several slices of lunch meat (find the kind with the fewest ingredients and no sodium nitrate- or better yet! Buy it fresh from the meat counter) I usually go with turkey and salami, two slices each. 
- raw cheese (the is unpasteurized and found part of the primal diet) I like pepper jack!

- mayo kicked up (recipe below) OR I add a horseradish, garlic powder and cayenne to mayo...

Mayo Kicked Up-
- 2/3 Cup Avocado Oil
- 1 Egg- 1.5 tsp Dijon Mustard- 1 tsp Lemon Juice- Pinch of Pepper and Salt- 1/4 Cup Hot Sauce (I used Frank's)
Combine the avocado oil through salt and pepper in bowl or mason jar. Using an immersion blender or your very strong arm- mix the ingredients until a mayo-type consistency is formed. Some recipes call for you to add the oil slowly but I have never had this fail by adding everything and mixing on high. :) Lazy.

- romaine leaves 

Assemble... Seriously, that's it.... Dinner! (I realize it isn't pretty but I was too hungry to care.) 

When I am feeling particularly fancy- or Charlie is not around and I am trying to distract myself-  I use a vegetable peeler and make thin slices of cucumber for my roll ups... these have a little bit of raw pepperjack cheese, Applegate salami and kicked up mayo. 

I know... too much time on my hands. 

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